Recover your password

Spam or Security Filters

Make sure you check any spam or trash folders as filters may have caught our email.

If you are using a work email this may be your problem as large organisations often have filters for security and to prevent spam 'cold calling' emails. If you think this may be the case check with any colleagues who are also using our platforms to see if they have encountered similar issues then speak to one of us here at WYWM. 


Social Media Log in

If your account is set up to to a social media login there is no password to reset so you will not receive an email.

If you originally created your account with the email/password login option and then had it changed to use a social media login you will still not receive a password reset email. 


Wrong Instance

Being directed to the wrong instance (using the wrong URL) is a very common cause of not being able to log in and other issues. Read about instances and how to fix this problem here.


Still, having issues?

You can reset your password via this link:

If you have checked the above solutions and are still having issues get in contact with the Tech Support team.