Why do I need to complete testing?

We use testing to unlock your potential and remove the bias of a CV, which is based on previous experience. After completing our testing, you will be matched to pathways where you have the potential to succeed - it's about what you can do!

Why do we test?

Underemployed groups face barriers to new employment opportunities. We remove the bias of a CV/resume by looking at what you can do, not what you have done. Testing allows us to predict your potential to learn a new skill and succeed in a new role. Technology is rapidly changing and it isn't experience that you need - it's the ability to keep learning new skills.

Testing is important to help select a pathway that matches who you are, your motivation, workplace cultural fit and longevity of career. It is critical to feeling excited, happy and satisfied with your employment. You will be matched to career pathways based on your aptitude and personality test outcomes. 

How do we match?

WithYouWithMe uses industry data for the best role fit. First, we tested the best people in the industry and determined the common testing profile for each career pathway. Then, when you complete our testing, we are able to match you to suitable career paths and training.

What tests do we use?

Evidence-based psychometric measures

    • Cognitive Aptitude - general cognitive ability and critical thinking
      • Ability to learn and apply new skills.
      • Predicts job performance ratings and training success.
    • Personality psychometric assessment - “Big 5” Culture fit assessment.
    • Behavioral psychometric assessment - DISC
    • Learning Style assessment.