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Can you tell me more about WithYouWithMe?

Here's a little bit more information about WithYouWithMe! WYWM gets veterans ready for in-demand tech careers. We do this by online training in areas such as Cyber Security, Data Automation and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

WithYouWithMe was created by Australian Defence Force veterans and mates to help veterans find civilian employment. We now have offices in both Australia and the United States of America as we work to solve underemployment. 
WithYouWithMe understands the difficulties with transitioning from the military and finding new employment. We offer advice on areas that will help you succeed, such as being fierce and getting out there to network, meet new people, and learn new skills.
Upon joining our platform you will complete a series of career matching testing which is designed to identify your strengths and unlock your potential. After completing the testing you will be matched to suitable career pathways where you have the potential to learn new skills and find a new career.
We offer online training in high demand tech careers such as Cyber Security, Data Automation and Automation, with new exciting courses being added to our Academy regularly. After completing one of our courses you will have job-ready skills to enter into a new and exciting career role.