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How does WithYouWithMe People work?

WYWM People will help you unlock your potential by a series of testing that will match you to suitable career pathways. You will be able to see WYWM jobs, courses, events, find career advice, etc., on the People platform.

When setting up your WYWM account you are also able to complete a series of aptitude and psychometric testing.  Testing is important to help select a pathway that matches who you are, your motivation, workplace cultural fit and longevity of career. It is critical to feeling excited, happy and satisfied with your employment. You will be matched to career pathways based on your aptitude and personality test outcomes.  Once you select a pathway we can send you relevant job and training information.
In WYWM People, you will also be able to see and express interest in available jobs and upcoming events. Our transition course COMPAS is also accessible via the platform, which covers advice and techniques for civilian job searching, such as professional networking.