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How does WYWM work?

We help Veterans and their Spouses get Tech Jobs Without Having to Invest Years and Money Into Training

WYWM was formed with a mission to resolve Veteran underemployment. Along the way we realised Veteran Spouses needed us too.

We do a few different things to resolve veteran underemployment.

We offer courses in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Process Automation, and other Tech Sector specialties. We also offer transition and careeer advice to our community.

We are adding to our courses all the time and they will alwys be free to Veterans and their Spouses.

We maintain various Job lisings relevant to the sector which can be applied for through our platform.

We employ veterans and spouses to train on software to be deployed to customers as part of our Squads program.

Everything starts with creating an account on the website and completing the aptitide testing process.

If you want to know more please call our Veteran Success people via the link below: