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What is a WithYouWithMe Bootcamp?

Unlike military Bootcamps - WithyouWithMe Bootcamps are all gain and no pain.

Course Instructors run Bootcamps for one hour per day over a five day period face to face. Bootcamps cover a condensed version of the relevant course content. 

Why attend a Bootcamp?

  • You finished your course a while ago and want a bit of a refresher
  • You prefer face to face learning to reinforce online course content
  • You have questions you'd like to ask your instructor
  • You want to meet and interact with other students on the course to share learning
  • You want to sample course content in a condensed format
  • You want a refresher to help prepare for certification exams

Want to book in? Login to your account and go to your Pipeline. Register for your Bootcamp from there.