What is the Data Analyst course?

The Data Analyst course is a 12-week online course that will prepare you to be a Data Analyst. The course is free for military veterans and spouses and will be available for the general public to purchase in 2020.

What is Data Analytics?

Solving problems with data! Being able to transform raw data into insights which enable decision-making or increase understanding. 

Data Analytics is an exciting career path filled perfectly for those who are naturally curious
and a problem solver. Data Analytics is the process of examining to draw conclusions and make informed decisons. Data Analytics consists of 3 broad areas: database and data management, data wrangling and calculations and technical advisory services, communication and reporting. All data analysts work in these 3 areas, but typically specialise in 1 area.

Database and Data Management
Includes quality assurance of incoming data, structure and storage of data and efficiently retrieving data on demand.

Data Wrangling and Calculations
Includes importing data from different sources, cleaning and converting data into a workable form, performing statistical and mathematical calculations and creating charts and graphs.

Technical advisory services, communication and reporting
Includes developing professional reports and visualisations for key
stakeholders, presenting data-driven solutions to varied audiences, documenting business insights and strategies resulting from data analysis, and collaborating with business department to convert business problems into data analytics solutions.

Desired skills

  • Problem-solving skills - logical, analytical, and creative
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Good written communication skills - writing reports for clients
  • Critical thinking mindset - ability to research and find solutions
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team