What is the passing grade of a final quiz and how difficult is it?

We use the ANGOFF method to ensure that our course passing grades are calculated empirically.

For each course's final quiz we create a set of questions. Each question is then evaluated by a panel of subject matter experts to assess the difficulty of the question with this question: Would a minimally-qualified candidate be able to correctly answer the question?

This is the first round of ratings and requires at least six experts on the panel. This panel of experts then performs the second round of ratings, where they review the ratings of the other panel members for each question and can choose to change their assessment of the question.

Averaging the panel's assessments from this round provides the passing grade for the test. 

In our courses, we use a combination of content, reading materials, quizzes and practical assessments to ensure that you are prepared to both pass the course assessment and also to execute on your knowledge in a real-world working environment.