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Words of Wisdom from Bret Cowie

Lessons hard won from experience with RPA, with Navy and With Defence.

1) Defence time frames are elastic. CIOG even more so.

2) Asking people to take on anything which includes the possibility of effort will result in radio silence.

3) No-one is willing to relinquish knowledge, unless you ask the right question. Knowledge is power and if you know, then you know.

4) Always use the blue prism template, trust me its just better for everyone.

5) Build your Automation to be Readable, Reliable and Sustainable (use annotations)

6) Fluro Colours? NO!

7) Build your Solution to be updated, the software systems your bot interacts with will change and it will ruin everything.

8) The process is bigger than the business unit.

9) Automation is the solution not the answer. Fix the process by making a better process not a better automation.

10) Nested loops are never a good idea, if you don't have to; DONT.

11) Watch out for the infinite loop. It'll be somewhere something has gone wrong and you're just reinforcing your own failure.