Who is who in the Zoo?

There are a number of organisations involved in RPA in defence. They all fulfil unique functions and understanding their place relative to you is important

CIOG - The Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) is in charge of delivering ICT to enable Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance (c4ISR) and defences corporate functions along with services that support the productivity of individual users. Consequently CIOG is a complicated organisation.

BISSO - Business Information Systems Support Office (BISSO) is a sub-branch of CIOG ICT services responsible for sustaining a suite of ICT products including business information applications, a data warehouse and commercial off-the-shelf software. This is the primary controlling organisation for blue prism robotics process automations.

BPME - Business Process Management and Engineering (BPME) is a CIOG sub-branch that supports the delivery of Defence outcomes by providing the approach and enabling technology to integrate Defence's enterprise business processes. BPME is now part of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Branch of CIOG. The EIM program aims to establish a singular, integrated set of principles for governing, managing and optimally using data and information across Defence. 

ARMY RPA - The current ARMY RPA team falls under Directorate of Business Intelligence at Army Headquarters. The team is comprised of uniformed developers who are primarily full-time and supplemented by a contingent workforce of SERCAT 3-5 Members.

NAVY RPA - The current NAVY RPA team falls under Warfare Innovation Navy (WIN) at Navy Capability Division. The team is currently comprised of contracted developers who are able to supplement Army's contingent workforce by providing additional time to their automations. There are plans to grow additional developers within the uniformed contingent to supplement and replace the contracted developers.

AIRFORCE RPA - The current Airforce RPA is a three person uniformed team located at Directorate of Personnel.

Steering Group - This is a committee that is comprised of the key players who are invested in the Proof Of Concept. Their purpose is to decide on the continued direction of the project across defence.

Working Group - This is the action arm of the steering group the remit for their decisions is to put into action what has been decided by the steering group and identify opportunities and obstructions in the execution of the plan.

Technical Forum - This is a regular meeting to discuss the technical issues identified in development and execution of automations.