Where is CAP going?

Future ideas, steering concepts, vision framing.

● Following recent acceptance by Client of the requested proof-of-concept
products, there is the need for WYWM to develop a new set of products for the Client that leverages the wide base of skills, experience, and training of
the Team, e.g., in response to multiple comments from Client group members
re possible security policy gaps or inconsistencies, to suggest a co-ordinated
review of Cyber Security Policy across DND/CAF.

● Clients have made clear that they would like to use this project as a talent
pipeline for selected team members to join their organizations as members of
the Public Service. This may require WYWM to adjust its approach to this

● Client has stated they would like to develop and deploy a “Red Team”. Upon
contract renewal, this idea would likely need to be discussed further and
adjustments made to team training and deployment.