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What's the best way to prepare for a WYWM Bootcamp?

After you lodge your expression of interest to attend a Bootcamp via www.withyouwithme.com you'll be contacted via email with the necessary details to attend the Bootcamp.

To get the best value out of the Bootcamp you should expect to complete additional work outside the face-to-face time. Extra curricular workloads vary depending on the course and the level of ability of the learner.

Ensure you have loaded any necessary software on to your computer and have a basic idea of how to use it. 

If you really can't work out how to load or use the software the best thing to do is to book a separate call with the instructor a few days before the Bootcamps starts so they can help you get set up. Alternatively - you can join the Discord student community for the subject and someone will be sure to volunteer to help you out. 

You'll need a good reliable connection for video conferencing. All our Bootcamps are online only. We use Zoom for our Bootcamps. Make sure you can use Zoom on your computer or phone. 

We recommend you join the subject Discord community channels so you can follow up with the instructor with any questions later on. 

You can attend as many Bootcamps on as many subject as you wish. Bootcamp curriculums stand alone but the intention of the Bootcamp program is to support and value add to learning on the full length courses.