What skills are there in a RPA team?

To deliver an automation to a business an RPA team will need a diverse range of skills to ensure timely and effective solution. Developers are the core, however; to ensure an effective solution other skills are required.

Project Management

This role is typically performed by the RPA team leader if not a part of a larger project delivery team. This skill is crucial to ensuring people, time and technical resources are effectively managed and timely solutions are delivered.

Business Analysis

This goes hand in hand with RPA Analysis and Process Discovery. Understanding how a business works and where it can be improved using common lexicon is valuable to an RPA team when providing automated solutions and realising benefit opportunities.

Data Analysis

Sustainment of Automations is the enduring support an RPA team can provide to a business unit. Analysis of data and communication of automation effectiveness can support business satisfaction and drive improvements to existing processes and automations.

VBA .Net 

Blue Prism is a low code tool that used visual object coding to build automations. The objects use VBA .net coding language to interact with applications. An understanding of VBA will allow developers to build and modify their own objects, creating better solutions.

Soft Skills

Communication is an invaluable skill to the RPA team. the ability to interpret ideas and convey technical concepts in easy to understand terms ensures that both the team and the business unit get the best outcome. 

Teach, train, mentor; the ability to improve the organisations understanding of automation and process optimisation will ensure that implementation is effective and sustainable. internally this skill is also valuable to the continual improvement of the team.

will to win and an objective focus. Implementation and delivery of an automated solution for a business new to RPA requires a dedication to ensuring the success of the organisation. Selfless dedication to the business units success will ensure that when they are unable to see the benefits the delivery is advocated and enthusiastically supported, even when it seems hopeless.