What Personalities should be in a RPA Team?

Understanding your personality strength and how you fit into the team. RPA delivery team should be comprised of Doers (50%) Communicators (25%) and Creatives (25%)

An RPA Delivery Team is comprised at least four developers.
Across the team there needs to be some dynamic skills, These can be represented as individual roles or general traits.

To use the WYWM lexicon; he four person team should be comprised of a diverse spread of Archetypes. The weight of the task requires individuals who work; building and sustaining automations requires a head-down objective focus. This is best done by green shirt personality types, however; there is benefit to the contributions from red and blue shirt individuals in the team. 

Doers (50%)

Green Shirt; implementing automation requires dedicated and diligent worker bees to provide timely and effective solutions this is what green shirts do best. Without these diligent workhorses the project will remain in concept or communication phases and it is easy for a client to become disillusioned before they can see the benefits. This is where doers building the product the customer wants and implement the ideas of the creatives. Solution Design and Sustainment are where these guys really shine.

Communicators (25%)

Blue shirt; great at costumer engagement, communication and translation. Green shirt developers are solution focussed. They know what they can do and they can think of ways to do it, But the language of their passion doesn't often translate into business workflow and vice versa. This is where a communicator can help out to help translate the technical jargon and interpret the business needs. Communicators are well suited to process discovery, RPA analysis, solution testing and sustainment.

Creatives (25%)

Red Shirt; great at problem solving, innovation and cross organisation engagement. RPA solution implementation within the government context is about implementing and encouraging innovation. There are many problems that are identified and creative solutions need to be provided. without this, the green shirt developers will continue to develop away every problem in a cascade of automation. This is where a creative type can help assist by looking for abstract solutions in support of automation. Creatives can be used in all stages of development but are best placed in Process Discovery and Solution Design.