What Personalities are in the Navy RPA Team?

The Navy RPA Team has been built over a few years as they back filled the void left after Delloitte completed their contract delivery.

The Delloitte team numbers some twenty different contractors who filled diverse roles from Business Analysts, Rom Architects, Junior Developers and customer success executives.

This set the stage for defence to mature RPA across the Services and Groups using Navy as an exemplar. The Automations delivered by Deloitte at that time are used as widely as possible to ensure that the customer gets value for money.

The RPA Navy Team was delivered to sustain the Navy Automations at NPCMA while also looking to develop and deliver the Wave 2 and subsequent automations scoped by the Delloitte Delivery Team.

The Current Navy RPA Team is comprised of:

Brett Cowie - Green Shirt Archetype (Doer), ISTJ-A Logistician, Former Airforce CIS Tech NCO. Pragmatic, Outcome focused and experienced in Blue Prism development. Currently studying UIPath in support to the Academy, Assists in Blue Prism training by marking assessments and has broad experience in DevOps and Project Management. Brett Cowie has been on the team the longest and has a good understanding of the technical aspects of automation delivery. Bret Cowie is the Tech Forum representative for the Navy RPA Team

Rob Roder - Green Shirt Archetype (Doer), High Attribute, Former Airforce CIS Tech NCO. Intelligent and Eager to explore delivery options and has distinct creative attributes.

Jonas Levis-Stratemeier - Green Shirt Archetype (Doer), High Attribute, Army Infantry soldier who works part-time for Army as an RPA Developer. Charismatic problem solver who is most capable when engaging customers on their automation solution. 

Gareth Gardner - Green Shirt Archetype (Doer), INTJ-T Architects with High Conscientiousness, Former Army Captain. Solution oriented and great at working with defined limits.

And Supervised by Navy Officers:

Adam Allica - Navy Captain. Director of Warfare Innovation Navy (WIN). Was part of the original project to introduce Blue Prism to Navy at Navy Personnel Career Management Agency (NPCMA) and his passion to see the project succeed saw him take on a developer team to realise the subsequent benefits of automation during wave 2. Adam Allica is the Steering Group representative for the Navy RPA Team.

Leigh Jackson - Navy Commander. The Staff Officer for Artificial Intelligence and Software Solutions at Warfare Innovation Navy. His role is ensure the Navy RPA Team is effectively integrated with Navy and assist with their development of solutions for Navy. He is the contract link between the WYWM and Navy. Leigh Jackson is the Working Group representative for the Navy RPA Team.

Robert Blackford - Navy Lieutenant Commander. The Staff Officer to Commander Jackson. His role is to administer the Navy RPA Team and ensure the project planning and efficacy of the Development team delivery. He operates the Vera Wiki page and ensures that information flows satisfactorily between the RPA team and Navy command.