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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

What exactly is RPA? Is it the same as BPA or BPM? What skills do I need? What will I do in an RPA role? Is it coding?

RPA is the automation of processes and it's done for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the dependency on individual people so that processes don't rely on specific people being in the office
  • Eliminate the possibility of human error and increase the predictability of timing and results
  • Faster execution

RPA deals with simple chunks of process and talks to existing systems, whereas Business Process Automation (BPA) or Business Process Management (BPM) usually involves broad changes such as migrating data to a new platform and transforming complete business processes.

If you can draw a flowchart then you can do RPA. RPA software has a client application where you can monitor tasks, assign permissions and create bots. Some tasks will be done by the RPA administration and some by the RPA developer. The project process also requires gathering information from the client's internal experts and planning the delivery timeline; these tasks would be done by the RPA analyst.

There is no coding in RPA, but there is a chance to work with a range of interesting people in different industries!