Assessment as part of Process Discovery

The Process Discovery methodology is supported by three distinct steps. Assessment should be completed second.


Surfacing the required information, to enable selection of the processes that are likely to be automated by the delivery team. This will define level 2 processes and should be achievable at a conversational level by an RPA Analyst with the process SME. there are three key dimensions that must be assessed.

- Automation Potential: Defined during Triage as an evaluation of complexity, maturity, digitisation and throughput.

- Ease of Implementation: consideration must be made to the technology infrastructure (applications and connectors), Security/credentials, Organisational Automation experience, and data quality.

- Benefit Opportunity: This is defined by the organisational strategic objectives and can include tangible and intangible metrics eg: cost reduction or opportunity realisation.

For a Process to pass Assessment it will generally require a combination of either:

High automation potential and ease of implementation


High Automation Potential and significant Benefit opportunity.