What the role of WYWM Cyber Assurance Program in Canada?

The Role of the WYWM CMA Project Team is to support the DND stakeholders in their achievement of the CMA vision.

The DND Cyber Mission Assurance vision is

“To achieve comprehensive cyberspace resilience of people, processes and technology with a view to preserving Canadian Armed Forces freedom of action to successfully accomplish
its assigned missions in any cyber contested domain.”

The WYWM Project Delivery Team objective is

“To influence and enable CAF/DND leaders and personnel to incorporate cyber mission assurance activities into daily culture to manage risks associated with the dependence on
cyberspace technologies.”

The initial proof-of-concept phase requirement was the production of:

DND Supply Chain Cyber Security Analysis (lead - John von Dyk);

Cyber Analysis Training Course (lead - Oleg Mitrakhovich);

Cyber Analysis Tabletop Exercise (lead - Paul Broadbent).