What does that word mean?

Throughout the Proof of Concept common terms are used that are unique to developing automations in Defence.

DPESIT - the Defence Protected Environment System Integrated Testing environment is accessed by Remote Desktop Connection  (RDC) by a development Virtual Machine (VM). This is a safe environment that replicates limited functions of the DPE to allow the development of automations. It requires a privileged account to access and instructions on how to do this can be found on the Vera Wiki Page on DPE.

VM - Virtual Machine. This is accessed by running MSTSC. You must access the DPESIT first before you are able to access your development Virtual Machine (VM).

Multimon - This function when added to MSTSC allows you to view your virtual machine across multiple monitors.

Jumpboxes - These are the locations where the DPESIT environment is located and they host the development virtual machines (VMs)

Priv_Account - These accounts are used to access privileged development environments are are used to control access to these. The represent privileged access to the safe development environment.

PMKeyS - This is the Personal Management Key Service which is used to manage the Human Resources of Defence. Pay, Leave and Career management. The Key is the employee ID assigned to every defence member; A seven digit number that replaced service numbers, these currently all start with an eight and are colloquially known as a PMKeyS Number.

DefenceOne - This is the updated Human Resource tool that is built off PMKeyS and includes upgraded functionality. The current system is an amalgamation of both systems, however; will be fully transferred to a universal D1 system in 2021.

DPE - The Defence Protected Environment, also known as the DPN or DRN. Is a virtual instance of Windows 10 that accesses the protected defence network productivity suite. 

DPN - The Defence Protected Network, also known as the DPE or DRN. The Network in which the defence productivity suite is accessed. It is classified for up to protected information, information that exceeds this classification is to be placed on the Defence Secret Network DSN.

DRN - The Defence Restricted Network. This is an outdated name for the DPN made redundant when the classification system changed 'Restricted' to 'Protected'. The level of classification is the same and access to the information requires a minimum of BASELINE clearance.

Hypercare - a period on observation conducted by BISSO before an automation is allowed to be ported from the DPESIT environment onto DPE. This period of time generally lasting two weeks is used to ensure that the automation is safe and wont cause any issues to the "live production environment".