Each bible should comprise of the following general documents

1. Personnel & personalities; this provide a bit of record of who has come and go on the project particularly later this is valuable when projects have been handed over or there are questions for why decisions were made at different times. it provide a frame of reference and Points of Contact.

2. What is it and where to go for more info; The technical aspects of where to go for information. Is there a particular repository for organisation hierarchies or is there a technical document for the whatsit that your team has to integrate into the project

3. How do you do stuff; This is a section on how the project has done stuff and where things went wrong and were or weren't overcome. this is good for specific project lessons learned.

4. What do I need; sometimes a squad will work out that there was something they wish they had or found useful to have during a delivery. this is a good section to include that can be everything from an A5 notebook to a 48 core thread server with double helix integrated transfunctioners.

5. where are we going? a good spot to put future ideas, and steering concepts. the team may work out that there is a particular direction that they want to go in. this is a great place to document it and frame your vision. for RPA that's the next wave of automations that have been scoped but not process discovered.

6. lines of communication, points of contact. its good to identify reliable sources of information inside and outside of the organisation you are working for. this helps point new members in the right direction for answers. this could be websites, email inboxes, chat forums, or specific people. 

7. Training. what was missed, what needs to occur, what could make you better at what you do. chuck down ideas, short lessons, draft pathways or links to further professional development.

8. Other stuff. for me this was Brett's hot chips but could be just about anything that is coloured to your project that would help, new, old and interested team members,