What is the Penetration Tester course?

The Cyber Security Penetration Tester course is a 12-week online course that will prepare you to be job-ready as an entry-level PenTester. The course is free for military veterans and spouses or $3000 AUD + GST.

Penetration Testing, PenTesting, white-hat hacking or ethical hacking, is one of the more
glamorous IT security jobs. It is a highly sought-after capability that is currently suffering a massive skills shortage, and thus, the opportunity to gain work in this field are plentiful. A penetration test is an authorised hacking attempt targeting an organisations infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain access to its virtual assets. The pentester assumes the role of an external or internal threat and tries to penetrate the target organisation network. By finding vulnerabilities, the pentester’ outcome is to recommend solutions to harden security defences by eliminating vulnerabilities and advising on areas that are susceptible to compromise.

What skills do I need?

Do you like the idea of planning and launching an active ‘hacking attempt’? Do you
like the idea of protecting organisations by identifying holes and gaps in security? Are
you creative and love problem-solving? Are you able to think outside the box and then
capture your process in order to build a better, more secure solution?
It is easy to romanticise about a career as an ‘ethical hacker’; however, do not be fooled; this job is highly technical and not for the faint of heart. However, if you love problem-solving, creative thinking, and are motivated to continually learn more about the industry and develop your skills, penetration testing may be right for you.

PenTester training

WithYouWithMe provides a PenTester training course online. No experience in cyber is required; you can complete the course in 12 weeks, remotely.

Who is suited to Cyber Security?

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Good written communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong initiative
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team 

Where can I expect to work?

  • Cybersecurity operations centre (CSOC)
  • Medium to large organisations as part of the security team
  • Small to medium businesses
  • Specialised projects

What you will learn?

  • Planning a penetration test
  • Creating or selecting tolls to utilise during testing
  • Interrogating and testing networks, applications, systems
  • Diligently recording and documenting the test
  • Identifying and researching vulnerabilities using results
  • Reviewing and evaluating findings
  • Developing proof of concepts
  • Making remediation recommendations
  • Engaging directly with clients
  • Report writing