Where have my old courses gone? My courses are missing.

Courses that began before 03 Feb 2020 will not appear in WYWM People, but they are not missing and can still be located on the Academy website.

Recently we updated our Portal which has a lot of great new features such as more courses, career advice, booking calls with our Pathfinder team, new test reports and support services. However, courses that commenced prior to the 03 of Feb 2020 will not appear in the course section. These courses have not been lost, but due to being older cohorts they will not appear in the new WYWM People platform.
To access your course/s please log directly into Academy here. Please log in on the left, green side, as indicated in the below picture. Log in with your WYWM portal account details. If you log into WYWM Portal with email/password, facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn, use that exact same login method. If you need to reset your WYWM Portal password, please return to the Portal login page and do that there. 
Academy login portal