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I can't log into my account

You may be experiencing trouble logging in for different reasons follow the advice relevant to the error code you are receiving. 


"WRONG EMAIL OR PASSWORD." or "Error retrieving user: null" 

Try resetting your password in case there was a typo when it was set. If you are confident you have the right details you probably on the wrong instance.


"There was a problem with your login: There is a user with the same email. [error code: unknown]"

This error is due to logging in with an incorrect log in method.

For example, if I signed up using the email/password method and then tried to use the "Log in with Facebook" option.

Make sure you use the expected log in method and you will be successful. 



This error is caused by an issue with your browser, follow these steps

  • Close all other browser tabs/windows
  • Clear cookies/cache by following these instructions
  • Login and try again


Still, having issues?

If you have checked the above solutions and are still having issues get in contact with the Tech Support team.