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I can't log into my account

Here are some troubleshooting ideas to log into your accounts and reset your passwords!

I'm having trouble logging into my Portal account and/or resetting my Portal password

If you have forgotten your Portal password please try and the password reset option. If you're not getting a new password it may be for a couple of reason:

  • It could have gone to your junk/spam folder, please check all folders
  • You may have signed up with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook. For these options, you don't need to fill in the username and password. Just hit the appropriate button!
  • If you signed up with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook the password reset won't work. WithYouWithMe is unable to reset these passwords. If you need to reset one of these passwords you will need to do so in the respective platform. 

If you are getting an error message "blocked account" please raise a support ticket and we will get this sorted for you! 

I'm having trouble logging into my Academy account and/or resetting my Academy password

If you are a WYWM Portal user you need to sign into Academy using your Portal details. You can get to Academy by logging into your Portal account, going to your Academy page and selecting a course. You can also directly login to Academy and log in using your WithYouWithMe details, as shown below