How does CAP work?

This is a section on how the project managed tasks, when things went wrong, and how problems were or were not overcome. Feeds into specific project lessons learned.

How does CAP work?
● The Project team works to a Project Plan managed by the Project Manager.
● The Project Manager interprets the client’s requirements and assigns tasks to
the members of the project team.
● There is a daily Team call each morning to review progress and confirm
priorities, as well as an end-of-week Team call for a forward look.
● Team members respond to the client requirements through individual and
group tasking.
● Products in development undergo frequent peer review.

Lesson Identified:
● Dealing with a Client organisation consisting of multiple stakeholders (with
sometimes divergent focus) was challenging.
● The divergence in stakeholder interests resulted in the need to reprioritize
team tasking.
● Evolving Client requirements necessitated (often short notice) rework of Team
● Lack of wider internal DND client communication between the Programme
Manager and Project Management Offices resulted in conflict for
WithYouWithMe project staff.