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This is a common feeling when working with RPA in the defence context. It can be confusing and its difficult to know where to go for answers.

You're not expected to know everything. In fact, one of Bret Cowies Hot Chips is:

"No-one is willing to give up knowledge, unless you know the exact right question to ask."

meanwhile you're probably thinking: 

"But I don't know what I don't know, what do I need to know?"

and that is a great question. There are a Bunch of places you can look for answers. 

The First place you should turn for answers is the RPA Dev Team. There's someone who will have the answer, or at least be able to point you in the right direction. If they don't know, its probably a good thing that you brought it up, now the team can work on a solution together. Ask the team, no-one is so busy that they cant help you.

"But everyone is so busy, they cant help me right now!"

okay, you cant wait for an answer and want to find a solution yourself.

The Squad Bible is a great place to look. if you're reading this, then you're in the right place. check out the articles here and see if you can find the answer. the team tried to put as much good stuff into the bible as we thought necessary. If its not in here, and you think it should be consider writing an article with your solution.

"Its not in here and I don't have a solution."

The other reason something might not be in the SquadBible is probably because it is sensitive or classified and cant be places in public facing infrastructure. If that's the case then you should check out the RPA wiki located in Vera on the DPN. Almost all the information located here can be found there, but its a secure environment so a lot more detail can be included. Its also very technical and sometimes its hard to find what you need. So i recommend that you start here to get you going in the right direction.

"I looked, there's nothing in the Vera Wiki"

Well, you better start using your noggin, looks like you have found a unique problem that needs a clever solution that no-one has thought to document before. Check back with the Team, see if they can make some time to help and make sure that you document the results. Help out the next person.

"Got it, thanks for your help"

if you've made it this far you either mean that or you're being sarcastic. Ill take the thanks regardless, I like to think that i helped someone and I am just grateful that you read this article to the end. Thank-you for validating my effort.