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Who is eligible for WithYouWithMe? Can I join?

The full WithYouWithMe platform is open to military members, both previous serving and current, and their immediate family members. Our career matching testing is open to everyone on our testing platform.

The complete WithYouWithMe platform is FREE for all military members of the Australian, New Zealand, British, the United States and Candian armed forces. This includes previous serving members and current serving members. Full-time members, reserve members and inactive members are all eligible - and so are their immediate family members! We will ask some questions to confirm your military status on sign up.

If you would like to find out more about how the program works you can book a call with the Veteran Success Team here.




You can find our training website here: https://digitalskills.io/digital-skills-academy/
We also offer free career matching assessments so you can find what career pathways you're best suited to. These assessments include one aptitude assessment, two personality questionnaires, and a learning style assessment. Once you complete the assessments you'll receive a free report with your test results and suggested career matches. If you want to complete the career matching assessments you can do that here. It should allow you to sign straight up, but if it does ask for a code it's 9d96a4f0a93e