When do the courses start? What are the course dates?

The WithYouWithMe Academy team runs multiple courses throughout the year.

After logging in to WYWM People, on the left side panel, there's a Courses tab. If you click there, it'll take you to all the courses we have on offer. With these courses, you'll notice that some are labeled 'self-pace'. This means that those courses have no set start date and no set end date. You can take however long you want, keep in mind that some of these self-paced courses are also prerequisites for other courses, for example, Networking Fundamentals, IT Fundamentals, and Linux Fundamentals are all self-paced, but they are also prerequisites for Hacking Techniques. Courses like Hacking Techniques are set in cohorts. Our latest cohort, began on the 3rd of February. Upcoming cohort courses at the moment are still pending due to our recent release of our new platform, our new courses, and our new content.

We use cohorts (time blocks) to increase student success - it's easier to complete a course when you have a time goal - and to help our Academy team continue to improve our courses. After every course our Academy team reviews feedback, industry news and assessment pieces to update our courses so that they are continually up to date.